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Latest Insights

Welcome to our insights section! Learn more about the latest industry trends, discover thought leadership about delivering projects better and find out what's happening at our company.

BREEAM Overview

19 Feb 2024

Explore the benefits of BREEAM, it's history, importance in relevance to the UK legislation, comparison to LEED, BREAM Process and Good Practice advice.

Navigating Challenges to Address the Climate Risks for UK Real Estate

21 Aug 2023

Exploring the Physical and Transitional Risks for UK Real Estate, challenges to addressing them effectively and the proposed solutions.

The Impact of AI on Real Estate

12 Jun 2023

The article explores the application of insights from APM, RICS and McKinsey into the impact of AI on Real Estate projects, the challenges associated and the business response strategies.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Buildings

5 Jun 2023

Exploring the application of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to Buildings.

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