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Talented and energetic team genuinely passionate about making a positive and lasting difference

Our values

Transparency and Trust
We communicate transparently and foster trust to build long-lasting relationships and credibility.

Proactive Excellence 
We proactively seek to improve our product and services to achieve the best results possible.

Sustainable Impact
We focus on bringing positive and measurable impact in a sustainable and responsible way.

Meet the Founders



  • Professional Project Manager (MAPM) and Data Analyst (MBCS).

  • Ex-Mott MacDonald digital transformation expert with in-depth knowledge of construction processes.

  • APM Thames Valley Committee Member.

  • Project Data Analytics Task Force Committee Member.



  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)

  • Experienced in working for startups completing extensive AI research.

  • Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Sony leading engineers to develop high-quality AI software.



  • Hedge-fund software engineer.

  • Built state-of-the-art distributed low-latency systems in High Frequency Trading.

  • Experienced in developing and deploying scalable SaaS start-up applications.

Business Awards

Meet Our  Advisors

Project Director at K2 leading diverse teams and integrating stakeholder groups in complex, large scale projects.

Greg Visscher

Construction and ESG

Project Director at WT Partnership with in-depth knowledge and expertise in construction with over two decades of experience. 

Nick Coke

Construction and ESG

Worked with more than 400 startup founders and directors over 10 years, playing an instrumental role in preparing them to scale their business

Chris Pett

Business Growth

Award-winning sales trainer and business coach helping B2B SMES to dramatically improve their results.

Phil Sayers


Our Stories

Innovate UK AI Research

Our collaborative innovation project with K2 consultancy was funded by Innovate UK seeks to create state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to unlock value for you. The recognition of AI novelty by Innovate UK and industry partnership underpin our commitment to innovation whilst creating the utmost value.

Imagine a highly capable AI able to understand your project requirements and business needs to craft best practice ESG strategy that unlock short- and long-term ROI for your sustainability.

Robustness and Security with IEA

In collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA), we've advanced our solutions, ensuring scalability and technical robustness. IEA's assessment shaped our sustainable practices, and their insights strengthened our system's security and reliability. With their direct support, we implemented a sophisticated data model, accelerating our platform's development. This highlights our commitment to delivering secure, valuable, and innovative solutions to the industry.

IKEEP Placements

Through two IKEEP rounds with the University of Surrey, we've collaborated with talented students to enhance solution development and marketing, creating value for clients. That highlights our commitment to strong ties with educational institutions and delivering tangible societal value through real-world learning experiences.

Student Internships with Surrey University

Our collaboration with the University of Surrey through a summer internship programme, underscores our commitment to societal value. A talented student played a key role in developing essential marketing materials for our platform, showcasing our dedication to practical learning and reinforcing strong ties with the university. That highlights our ongoing commitment to societal development through education-industry partnerships.

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