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Helping you create a measurable sustainability impact.

AI-driven Project ESG Compliance Software.

Enterprise Software-as-a- Service

We enable standard-agnostic and real-time performance benchmarking with automated multi-stage and multi-discipline process orchestration to meet any targets.

It works in harmony with any standards, tools as well as internal company policies to enable unprecedented holistic performance and process management. 

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Minimising Risks

Enabling performance benchmarking across. any standard, regulation or company policy unlocking pre-emptive actions to minimise poor performance likelihood.

Maximising Labour Productivity

Up to two months of labour saved annually to capture, track, verify, benchmark and report on the sustainability performance of assets.

Advancing Asset Resilience

Building asset resilience by proactively ensuring a holistic, complete and timely response to climate change, industry best practices and the regulatory landscape.

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Minimising Risks

Quickly identify poor-performing areas

Our platform enables full visibility of all your sustainability metrics across all projects in one place, even your sensor data. This means that you can quickly benchmark and identify poor-performing areas. As a result, your organisation is minimising the risk of non-compliance as the teams can instantly respond to them. 

Instantly check performance against all targets

By combining all the standards, statutory requirements and your company requirements in one place, your teams are much less likely to miss out on any important steps to help ensure compliance. There is no more need to go back and forth between different sources, be it BREEAM, WELL or your internal metrics. All your actions are now in one place.

Ensure commitments are met through clear accountability

Boost clarity and transparency for accountability of actions to drive your sustainability performance to meet the required metrics. Quickly identify those responsible for each metric at the appropriate level and investigate the history of changes to identify the root causes of poor performance. 

Maximising Labour Productivity

Eliminate labour-intensive coordination

There is no more need to keep track of all the required actions and outputs and their verification to achieve your sustainability metrics. The platform improves your productivity by automatically coordinating all the needed processes for you. Your teams will always stay up to date thanks to reminders on what needs to be done. No more last-minute rush to gather all evidence. 

Reduce your time and errors to set the targets 

Accelerate the definition of your sustainability metrics at the project or portfolio levels like never before. You will instantly benefit from nearly a hundred sustainability metrics aligned with the industry's best practices. This means when you are starting a project you will already know what you need to track in terms of sustainability and how. 

Boost productivity through auto-reporting 

The system maximises your teams' productivity by eliminating the need to manually prepare project and portfolio sustainability reports. The system enables real-time visibility of projects' and portfolio performance against your sustainability metrics. The platform also provides visibility of your performance against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other industry-leading standards.

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Real-time compliance benchmarking across any standard

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One-click compliance requirement deployment

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One-click pre-defined actions by RIBA stage deployment

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Advancing Asset Resilience

Mitigate missed actions and lack of evidence 

By building our system with a focus on the process, we help take your teams through each step of meeting the metrics.  This helps ensure that the right person completes all the required actions and submits evidence at the right time. This reduces the risk of missing out on the opportunity for early interventions and timely actions.

Accessible sustainable and resilient practices

We enable you to quickly identify and implement the most relevant climate mitigation measures in a few clicks. This means that it is harder to miss out on important regulations and opportunities (such as claiming tax rebates). The platform makes understanding and implementing of the required processes easy meaning that everyone in the supply chain will have a full understanding of the relevant actions for them.

Adaptive resilience

The software enables tracking of activities with evidence that automatically
evolves based on the project stage. This makes focusing efforts on the right climate measures easy. The adaptation is embedded in the solution DNA where the compliance can be quickly changed to align with the rapidly changing regulations and standards.

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