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Deliver Best Practice ESG

with Certainty

End-to-end solution for ESG strategy development, implementation, monitoring and reporting for real estate projects

Made simple and cost-effective by AI-powered InForecast Platform


Make Real Estate ESG effortless, affordable, and actionable.

We take care of all ESG requirements for your real estate projects by employing the InForecast suite of tools to make strategy, certification, reporting and monitoring fast and cost-effective across any one or a combination of industry standards, including BREEAM, National TOMs, LEED, WELL and beyond.

What we do

ESG Certification

We help you maximise potential credits to achieve your desired industry rating and receive required certifications optimised by our proprietary AI. Focus on one or combine any standards, including BREEAM, National TOMs, LEED and WELL, to cover the holistic spectre of ESG, supported by wider industry best practices.

ESG Benchmarking and Reporting

Stay on track with the progress to achieving your ESG goals. Monitor your team progress, completion of action plans and submission of evidence across all targets and projects in one place.

ESG Collaboration

Full clarity of actions and required evidence for each team member across all RIBA stages facilitated by our centralised collaborative cloud platform. This, combined with RASIC matrix approach, minimises the risk of missed credits, deadlines and deliverables to ensure maximum efficiency.

ESG Progress Reviews and Recommendations

No matter where you are on you project journey, we help you swiftly demonstrate your positive ESG commitments and identify cost-effective improvements with quick wins. Powered by proprietary AI that analyses your project documents, we make this process quick and efficient.

Our clients say

InForecast enables K2 to assist clients in targeting, managing and measuring sustainability metrics across the ESG spectrum ensuring they add value to the communities in which they work and beyond. The system simplifies the process moving away from the traditional tick box spreadsheet solution to a truly focused tool allowing client projects to meet a range of tailored and targeted ESG criteria.

James Grant

Head of ESG, K2 Consultancy

Our Industry Partners

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