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Good practice project analytics made seamless.

Improve productivity, reduce mistakes and instil more control to project delivery.


We are a Software Development and Consulting firm. Our mission to become a trusted partner for the construction industry to solve the most pressing challenges through AI-driven delivery and automation.

Portfolio Manager

1. Track and monitor virtually any project data including, costs, risks, and embodied carbon.

2. Instil control to drive consistent good practice for your project teams.

3. Apply industry lessons learnt and good practice seamlessly.


Track Anything

Create or deploy custom trackers that fit your organisation and client needs, all in a single place.

Instill More Control

Apply control to how your teams deliver projects and instil good practice.


Reduce Mistakes

AI-driven recommendations including Lessons Learnt industry and company-wide.

Improve Productivity

Empower your project by simple yet appealing AI automation of visualisations and project reports.


Impress Your Clients

Stylish and useful off-the-shelf dashboards. If needed, create your own in a few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence
for Project Analytics.

InForecast enriches real-time project collaboration with advanced knowledge transfer that allows the team to learn from previous experience and industry standards on the scale. We apply it to every core aspect of project analytics.

High-grade Security

Process any type of project data

Practical Artificial Intelligence

Project Management Excellence

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