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Our vision is to enable cities to be a place where people and nature prosper in harmony.

We elevate the existing sustainability approaches with cutting-edge data technology to unlock unprecedented holistic performance and process management for Real Estate developers. 

We are a customer-centric company.

Nick Stepanov, CEO

"Our approach is to leverage our extensive expertise in AI and Construction to co-develop solutions with our customers to ensure we create value and bring Real Estate development at the forefront of innovation in AI and technology."

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The WHY.

The ESG landscape for Real Estate Developers consists of vast and rapidly changing standards and regulations that need to be managed and met. This results in fragmented data and processes and therefore siloed processes and decision-making

Couple in Nature

 We are here to change that to help fast-forward the construction industry transition to Net Zero using cutting-edge technology.

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Our Approach.

Our game-changing AI-driven sustainability metrics portal unifies your sustainability data for holistic performance and process. 

We radically improve your productivity and performance against the sustainability targets and unlock a pathway to the optimal investment routes.

Trusted Partnerships

Our Awards

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Meet Our Team

We are a team of highly-professional and enthusiastic problem solvers who are eager to help you.

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